Welcome to the Neen Savage Parish Community Website

Welcome to the Neen Savage Parish Community Website!

This website was created by COPAG in response to the pre 2013 Parish Councillors self and pecuniary interested SAMDev@1, their lack of civil engagement to encourage a CLP and their admissions of defamatory affidavits in regards to planning application change of use. This website will continue to hold these Parish Councillors to account.

Furthermore this website provides a transparent account of the current Parish Council in the absence of unbiased reporting by the The Vital Link. This was witnessed by the majority of editors refusing to inform their readership of SAMDEV@1 and their own pecuniary interest in the same.

On this site you will find lots of useful information about the Parish, our observations and information about the conduct and workings of the current  Parish Council.

The website is updated regularly, as information becomes available.

Our banner picture was taken in our Parish and is a “Shepherd’s Delight”.  If you would like to submit any pictures of the Parish for our Parish Resource page, please send them to admin@neensavage.org.uk

Similarly you may have important information that you wish to share with your friends, neighbours and residents of this Parish, please email admin@neensavage.org.uk.

We hope you will find the website useful, helpful and informative.

Kind regards,