Reported Highways Issues

The following issues have been reported to Highways and the Parish Council are awaiting a response as to extent of repairs expected and timescale:

Flooding across the Road and into the Ford at The Old School House – remedial.

Reported: 19.01.2014 and on each subsequent flooding occasion.

Solution: February 2014: under-road-drain rodded by A Oliver.

Solution: May 2014: stream feeding under-road-drain to be dug out by SUC Drainage Section; confirmation of date awaited.

Cllr Windridge requested Priority List Status for this flood.

Flooding across the Road and into the Ford at The Old School House – long term.

Reported: various dates as the road floods or is impassable.

Progress: May 2013: Cllr Windridge has requested that SUC consider a larger underground drain discharging directly into the Rea upstream of the bridge and Ford to alleviate the underlying problem and that maintenance of the drain and stream would prevent the problem re-occurring.

Drop from Ford footbridge entrance into gulley opposite The Old School House.

Reported: 19.01.2014

Solution: February 2014: under-road-drain rodded by A Oliver.

Road surfacing and potholes between Lower Neen Farm and St Mary’s.

Reported 19.01.2014.

Solution: 19.05.2014: mobile potholing and patching unit repaired from Six Ashes to Ford.

Large flood at Elcott on Stottesdon Road.

Reported 24.08.2013.  Jetting of drains, clearing of gulleys actioned.  Flood still occurring.

Re-reported:  October 2013.

Solution: December 2013. Replacement of drainage.

Issue appears to be solved as a result.

Smaller flood at Elcott on Stottesdon Road.

Reported: 20.01.2014.

Solution: May 2014 SUC site visit carried out.  Problem is with inlet drains overwhelming outlet drain. A Oliver is seeking solution with the landowner.  Works or update on progress expected soon.

Hedge line at Six Ashes.

Reported 24.08.2013.

Hedge cut by Cllr Windridge with owners consent 29.08.2013.

Water issues in Nethercott Lane near the Nash Crossroads.

Reported: October 2013

Response: SUC do not think this is a drainage issue.  They believe that it is water run off from adjacent fields.

Mud depositing on the Nash Crossroads from nearby fields.

Reported: May 2013.

Mud reported to landowner.

Missing white line on the Nash/Six Ashes road.

Reported: July 2013

Highways inform NSPC that there is longer legal requirements for this marking

Remedial works at the Ford, to retaining wall.

Reported: June 2013.


Water level signage at the Ford.

Reported by Cllr Jane Clelford: June 2013

Response: SUC assert signage is adequate in line with Dept of Transport Traffic Signs regulations.

Closing of Ford during periods of river spate.

Reported by Cllr Jane Clelford: June 2013

Response: SUC will close the roads at the Ford when they consider it is unsafe.  They guarantee this could be done in time to respond.

Flooding on the B4363 at Wetreins Coppice

Reported: 1st July 2013

SUC report that this has been remedied 19th August 2013.

Traffic calming methods on the B4363 from Six Ashes to Railway Cottages to ensure the safety of all road users; including, but not exclusively, residents, riding school and OSBP users. – reported to SUC repeatedly.  SUC response to attend site meeting in March 2014 with Cllrs Spragg and Windridge.

Baveney Lane Surface Issues, Vehicular damage to hedge resulting in vehicles slithering into adjacent field.

Reported: January 2014

Solution: On-going. Cllr Julian Clelford is monitoring the situation.

Speeding and Traffic Calming on the B4363

Reported: February 2014

Cllr Spragg and Cllr Windridge are liaising SUC in regards to speeding at the west of the Parish on the B4363, the old railway level crossing and through to the east of the Parish on the B4363.

Requested solutions: concealed driveway signs, gated entrances, replacement mirrors, refuge, traffic counters of speed volumes, welcome signage and gates, renewal of existing and new SLOW road markings.

Requested: 1st request February 2014

2nd request May 2014

3rd request timed for September 2014 to comply with SUC timescales.

Any SUC expenditure will be in the 2015 year.

Surface Water and Drainage on B4363 between Six Ashes and Old Station Level Crossing.

Reported: February 2014

Progress:  Cllr Windridge has reported the issues to SUC and has requested that the issues be put on the works list.

Solution: on-going

Damage to Ford retaining wall

Reported: 30.04.14.

HGV, routed by Sat Nav, damaged the retaining wall on the East side of the Ford.

Response: SUC attended on 30.04.14 took evidential photographs and details of vehicle passed to the Clerk and Chairman by a vigilant Parishioner.

On going: wc 26.05.2014 further damage has occurred.  Photographed by Cllr Windridge and forwarded to SUC.

Unsuitable for HGV Signage – Six Ashes to Ford

Reported: 30.04.2014

Requested: Clerk and Cllr Windridge have been asked for and have requested additional Unsuitable for HGV signage.

Solution: confirmation on 30.04.2014 that a new sign will be fitted at Six Ashes.  Fitting timescale dependent on sign arrival at Traffic Team.