The Ford and River Rea

The River Rea is a small river that flows through Neen Savage whose waters eventually reach the Bristol Channel via the River Severn.

The historic or alternative name is the River Neen, which means to ‘run’ or ‘flow’.

The Ford is a pretty feature in the heart of the Parish, which attracts many visitors. The Ford dissects the River Rea and connects Church Lane with Stonehouse Lane. When the river is low, it is passable by motorists with care.

There is a footbridge for pedestrians, which has been known to be impassible in instances of extreme high water levels. There is a sign on the footbridge marking the height of the River Rea during a flood in November 1947. This sign was submerged in the flooding during the summers of both 2007 and 2012.

The water to the North and South of the Ford is deep and dangerous and therefore swimming is not advised.

Fishing from the Ford is not permitted, as the rights are privately owned.

Please be aware this river is prone to flash flooding and The Ford is extremely dangerous and perilous to cross when in spate (with several incidents having occurred in the past).

When crossing The Ford by motor vehicle, Extreme caution should be taken at all times (please unlock your doors and wind down your windows in case an emergency escape is necessary) and if in any doubt please do not cross.