Duties Assigned to Councillors

Councillors join outside bodies or partake in Parish Matters;

currently the following posts are held:

Baveney Common:   Position vacant at present

Emergency planning:   Cllr Spragg

 Community Led Parish Plan Co-ordinator:   3 Parish Councillors are members of the Community Led Parish Plan Steering Committee

Flood warden:   Cllr Jane Clelford

LJC:  Cllr Julian Clelford

Parish Hall Liaison:   Position vacant at present

Pike common:   Cllr Julian Clelford

Roads/ MHEM scheme co-ordinator: Highways Sub Committee

Tree warden:  Position vacant at present

Snow Warden: Cllr Julian Clelford

Sub Committees:

Highways Sub-Committee which consists of Councillors Julian Clelford, Jane Clelford and Sheryl Spragg.

Communications Sub-Committee: all Councillors; Chair Cllr Jane Clelford.