Car Scheme

Cleobury Mortimer Car Scheme, which includes Neen Savage, is supported by Shropshire Unitary Council.

This scheme supports patients registered at Cleobury Mortimer Medical Centre wherever they live which means in practice parishes in most of Cleobury Country Area.

It supports a request for a driver to:-

  • Take a patient to the surgery
  • Take a patient to a hospital or other medical appointment (including dentistry, chiropody, optician and longer term chemotherapy, radiotherapy)
  • Take a patient for admission to hospital/nursing home
  • Take a relative to visit a patient in hospital
  • Take a person shopping on an irregular basis
  • Take a person for treatment at a hospice

All journeys can only be supported if on that day the patient has no other friend, neighbour or family support.

Contact: Val Simpson, Co-ordinator, 01299 666119