This section of the website includes information on Highways issues within the Parish, the report of the same to Shropshire Unitary Council (SUC) and the status of that report within SUC.

Due to Health and Safety Concerns for our volunteers, Insurance Issues and the fact that the Council have not yet been paid for the outgoing scheme the Council have unanimously decided to withdraw from the Minor Highways and Environmental Maintenance Scheme (MHEM Scheme – formerly the Lengthsmens Scheme).

The Council gratefully thank all those volunteers who have worked on the Scheme in the past.

We have a Highways Sub-Committee which consists of Councillors Jane Clelford, Julian Clelford and Sheryl Spragg.

If you wish to report a Highways issue, please do so by emailing petemartinclerknspc@gmail.com

In addition to reporting any issues to the Clerk, you may like to use www.fixmystreet.com

(should you use the fixmystreet site, please do though inform the clerk at: petemartinclerknspc@gmail.com so the Council are aware of the issue as well and can report it to SUC.)